Reader recommendation: Gypsy Guide to Yellowstone app

Our family of five recently returned from a car trip to Yellowstone National Park. An acquaintance recommended the Gypsy Guide to Yellowstone, an app that we purchased for $5 and downloaded to an iPhone. What a fabulous help to our self-drive tour. The app is GPS-driven, so it knows where you are and which direction you’re going. Terrific information is provided about history, geology, fires, wildlife and conservation issues. Stops are prioritized, with information about each, and all through the tour specific and accurate directions are provided for what’s coming up, when to turn and which direction to go for various endpoints. It was an excellent help that enhanced our wonderful experience tremendously. There are Gypsy guides for a number of other locations.

Gypsy Guide to Yellowstone, (866) 477-4171,

Chris Byrd

Villa Park