Political distractions influenced report of McCain memorial service: Letter

Two themes were omitted from Sunday’s article by Laurie Kellman describing Meghan McCain’s eulogy to her father. The two themes seemed to be, above all, what Meghan (in her own words and, among the last requests of her father) intended to be heard above all else.

The first was the love of a daughter for her father — remembering a father who carried his small daughter lovingly to bed at night, and, in numerous other ways, put love of family above the cacophony of his daily life. Remembering a father’s shaping of whom she was to become — when she fell from a horse, not letting her give in to fear but encouraging her to get on the horse again, which she did.

The second theme was the love of a father for his daughter. When Meghan asked her father what she should say at the celebration of his life, he told her: “Show them who you are.” This comment, to me, was the reflection of several things: his pride in his daughter, his encouragement not to let fear of speaking out silence her, his on-going support of a daughter, a woman, a person of many gifts, whose gifts should not be hidden.

The sad part of the article was that the writer fell prey to the loud cacophony of political noise and chose to write an opinion about that, rather than choosing to write one single paragraph about two enduring themes of the speech: daughter-parent love, parent-daughter’s proud and abiding support.

Diana Reed Jackson Winter Park

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