Becky G confirms she’s dating Austin Mahone at the LA Times Book Festival

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With a huge smile on her face, the bubbly artist, Becky G, arrived at the Hoy stage of the Los Angeles Times Festival Sunday afternoon, while her fans OR #beasters impatiently waited for the artist to make her appearance.

Becky G, who recently received two nominations to the Radio Disney Music Awards for her song, “Shower”, expressed how proud she was of her Mexican heritage and how grateful she felt to be accepted in all communities. As many can identify, Becky G was born and raised in the U.S., but thanks to her mother and grandparents she is able to embody that Mexican culture she loves so much.

“My friends are my family, I have a huge family, my grandparents are still with me… they all help me so much. Aside from the fame, my cousins, uncles, and everyone else still treat me the same. Whether I’m home, cleaning my room, washing the dishes or watching movies with my brother. With all the work that I’ve had lately, it’s nice to be able to share that with them, and have them treat me as Rebecca”, expressed the artist as she was being interviewed by journalist, Emely Lofte, sunday afternoon.

Becky G and Austin Mahone

However, what really sparked the attention of all #beasters present was when Becky G openly confirmed rumors of her relationship with artist, Austin Mahone. The young couple who had been spotted holding hands more than once, had yet confirmed their relationship. Yet, when Emely Lofte asked the teen if the rumors were true, Becky G responded with a “yes” and added that she enjoyed spending time with him.

Rebecca Marie Gomez is Becky G’s actual and full name. The 18-year old star whose fame began not too long ago, assures us of her commitment to accomplishing her dreams. When being asked about her success and her recent music video in which Jennifer López made an appearance, Becky G expressed enthusiasm.

“I feel so blessed in having had the opportunity to work with artists I idolize like Pitbull and Jennifer López. It all feels so surreal. I grew up watching Jennifer López and Pitbull, I would hear them on the radio and being able to say that I’m working with them now is incredible. They are like my musical parents and it’s great to be able to say that”. She added, “Yes, I do always say that I’m Mexican, because if I don’t I’ll for sure get a ‘pow pow’ from my grandparents and mother”, she giggled.

The teen who already has a huge social media following confessed that she is in fact the person behind her accounts (@iamBeckyg), responding to Facebook messages and tweets. “I am always on social media. I am the one responding, I love being able to do it. It’s not anyone else on my team doing it, it’s me. I love being connected to my fans”.

Becky G expressed that from a very young age she dreamt of fame. As many of her followers can probably remember, the artist would upload YouTube videos of herself singing covers from other artists. “My life changed thanks to the internet. At the time, everyone was uploading videos to YouTube… so I decided to do it myself, not knowing what would happen”.

Since then, the artist has been the voice behind singles such as, “Wish U Were here”, “Oath”, and “Problem”.

“I always knew that I wanted to do this, I was never scared, but I also know that with fame comes great responsibility. I know there are younger girls or girls of my age looking up to me, but I feel prepared to take on that responsibility”, she said with a smile on her face while the audience applauded.

What’s next for Becky G?

The singer who has already collaborated with 3BallMTY and Thalia in “Como Tú No Hay Dos”, assures us that there are still a lot of things she would like to accomplish, such as, writing an autobiography and being able to sing more in Spanish. “I’ve tried it, but in a ‘Pitbull’ kind of way, in Spanglish because that just comes naturally for me. Growing up, I saw what Christina Aguilera would do, she would sing a song in English and then transform it to sing it in Spanish. I would think, ‘wow, I would love to do that for my fans who only speak Spanish’”.

As far as future collaborations go, Becky G surprised everyone when mentioning the idea of working with Jesse & Joy and Chiquis Rivera. “I was always a big fan of Jenni Rivera, and being able to do something with Chiquis would be incredible”, also adding that Shakira would be an incredible artist to work with.

“You first have to believe in yourself. Being young is easy, so you have to ask yourself, ‘who am I and what is it that I want to do?’. You have to have confidence in that, because everything and anything is possible”, expressed the artist, concluding her appearance.

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