Emmy Contenders: ‘SOA’s’ Theo Rossi on head tattoos, naked push-ups

Theo Rossi, who played the emotionally troubled “Juice” on FX’s “Sons of Anarchy,” dropped by the Los Angeles Times’ television studio recently and talked about the legacy of the violent biker drama, his roller-coaster story arc and what it’s like to do naked push-ups on camera.

“The show started off as a family and ended as a family,” Rossi said as he discussed working on the series, which ended last year after seven seasons. “We started out as the little show that could. Nobody knew who we were, and then there were little babies wearing onesies with the Reaper,” he said of the motorcycle gang’s symbol.

Other distinctive elements were the tattoos on Juice’s closely shaved scalp. Rossi said fans of the show are often surprised when they see him on the street and discover that his head is tattoo-free.

Rossi said he felt lucky to play such a layered, complex character: “I got to experience every single emotion in every single character in one season. Every season there was a different emotional war that Juice would have to get through.”

Watch the full interview above.