Venezuela proposes summit for reconciliation with countries of the region


Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza proposed Saturday a summit of Latin American countries for a session of reconciliation that would do away with political intolerance, which, he said, is being applied in the region against the Nicolas Maduro government, whose legitimacy is not accepted by many in the international community.

"We insist on President Nicolas Maduro's proposal to hold a summit of presidents...and also of a group of countries in the region, which will help achieve an end to this ideological intolerance that has grown in recent years," the official told reporters this Saturday.

Arreaza said the meeting could take place during a summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (Celac), whose presidency is currently held by the Salvadoran president and Maduro ally, Salvador Sanchez Ceren.

Maduro was sworn in last Thursday as head of state for another term that will last at least until 2025, despite demands by the international community and the opposition that he hold "free" elections.

Thirteen of the 14 countries of the Lima Group said a week ago that they do not recognize the legitimacy of Maduro's government because, they said, the election was "fraudulent."

The government of Chile, for example, expressed its "unlimited support" Saturday for the Venezuelan National Assembly with its opposition majority against what it considers the illegitimate swearing-in of Nicolas Maduro for another term as president, official sources said.

At the same time, Argentine Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie acknowledged the National Assembly as "the only legitimate authority" in Venezuela because the electoral process was "rigged."

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