Bolsonaro floats idea of US military base in Brazil


President Jair Bolsonaro suggested Friday that the United States could be permitted to establish a military base in Brazil.

"We are concerned about our security, our sovereignty, and I have the American people as a friend," he said in response to a reporter's question about the possibility that Brazil would authorize a US military presence on its territory.

The right-wing president also indicated that Washington has an interest in obtain basing rights in "several South American countries," though he offered he offered no details.

Bolsonaro made similar comments Thursday night when asked during an interview with SBT television about the possible installation of a US military base in Brazil.

"The physical issue could even be symbolic. Today, the power of the American, Chinese, Soviet (sic) armed forces reaches the entire world independently of bases," he said.

The president, who took office Tuesday, has already declared his desire for a broad security and defense agreement with the United States, and in particular with the administration of Donald Trump, who he has lavished with praise.

In the interview with SBT, the president also said that he is preparing for an official visit to the United States as soon as March.

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