Mexico awards science and technology prize to Uruguayan doctor


The Mexican Embassy here on Wednesday presented its annual science and technology award to Uruguay’s Dr. Rafael Radi for his contributions in the use of oxygen by the body’s nervous, cardiovascular and other systems.

Radi was recognized for his “significant contribution” to universal scientific knowledge.

He told EFE that ever since he entered the field of medicine he has worked on the molecular and biochemical basis of diseases, focusing on the regular - and altered - use of oxygen in the tissues.

“The core of the work was based on understanding how the nervous and cardiovascular systems and other organs use oxygen to generate energy and stay healthy and at what point the use of oxygen and respiratory and oxidative phenomena are altered,” he said.

Radi was selected from a total of 52 Ibero-American candidates.

“It has been very good as far as what it means for the country in an international context, where this award is given to an Ibero-American scientist and is very competitive,” Radi said.

“Beyond personal and institutional recognition, it’s an opportunity to generate real ties of scientific and technological cooperation,” he added.