Elvis Crespo riding high


Elvis Crespo says he is at the peak of his two-decade-long career with hits like "Azukita" and the release of "Ella me beso," a new number with which he hopes his fans will dance their way into 2019.

However, in an interview with EFE, he acknowledged that the one thing that he appreciates the most "is being able to live in a healthy manner."

"I used to make my decisions based on anxiety and ego and I paid a very high price for that," the Puerto Rican star said in reference to the addictions he battled for years.

Grateful to be able to experience another fabulous time in his career, Crespo, 47, said that a routine of "meditation, exercise and reading" keeps him "anchored."

He said that his new lifestyle has allowed him to live through the madness of 2018 calmly.

"This year has been great," said Crespo, adding that it was a time of experiences of which he had never even dreamed.

"We started the year with 'Azukita' with two music (idols) like Daddy Yankee and Steve Aoki , produced by the giants of Play-N-Skilz and we premiered it on Ultra (Music), which was crazy," he recalled.

Also, in 2018 he toured "all around the United States and Canada," and several other cities in Europe.

"Seeing all those people singing my songs is indescribable," he said.

For 2019, he said he hopes he can keep his string of hits going with the release of the single "Ella me beso," a lively and light song fusing merengue - which characterized Crespo's early hits like "Suavemente" and "Besame" - with the electronic arrangements of today's Latin dance music.

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