Peruvian clubs demand role in organizing new soccer league


The governing body that organizes Peruvian soccer's first division demanded Wednesday that its constituent clubs be involved in running a new league, which is to be overseen by Peru's soccer federation (FPF) starting in 2019.

The Professional Soccer Sports Association (ADFP) said the 16 clubs that make up that governing body would not participate in the new Professional Soccer League (LFP) if they are not taken into consideration.

ADFP chief Martin Ojeda told Ovacion radio that the clubs had decided not to participate in next year's league until the FPF communicates with them jointly as opposed to individually.

"If possible, we'll form our own league because we have the clubs, the passion and enough fans for it to succeed," he added.

Peru's soccer federation decided in March - at the recommendation of FIFA, the sport's world governing body - to cancel the ADFP's license and assume control of the first and second divisions of Peru's soccer league system

In the event that parallel leagues are in operation, the ADFP clubs may not be allowed to participate in the Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana since the federation has its own criteria for awarding berths in those international club soccer tournaments.

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