Cuban capital to host classic car show


Some 200 cars manufactured before 1960 will be on display next month in Havana's largest-ever assemblage of classic vehicles for the first edition of the Iberostar Grand Prix, presented by the Cuban unit of Iberostar hotels.

Registration is set for Dec. 1 and trophies will be handed out on Dec. 15, organizers told a press conference here Friday.

"These events are intended to publicize the extensive heritage of classic cars that Cuba possesses on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the arrival of the first car in the country," Maria Barrera, director of marketing for Iberostar Cuba, said, referring to the French made Le Parisien that disembarked in Havana in 1898.

The Iberostar Grand Prix is open to pre-1960 cars that are mostly original, at least mechanically.

The five judges will assess aspects such as appearance, the presence of original elements, the operation and quality of the electrical system and the state of the interior, with special attention to the dashboard.

"It will be a very tight race," the head of the technical team that will inspect the vehicles, Pablo Alvarez, said, after highlighting the major presence of classic cars in Cuba.

The vast majority are 1950s Buicks, Cadillacs, Chevrolets and Fords, though one also sees cars that date back to the '30s.

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