Movin, Manui kick off Brazil's 2nd eco-fashion week


Brands Movin and Manui Brasil on Thursday here kicked off Brasil Eco Fashion Week 2018, one of the main events for ecological fashion in Latin America.

While Movin delivered a collection in which the sober colors - black, dark blue and brown - predominated, Manui Brasil opted for shades that suggest the coolness of the approaching Brazilian summer: yellow, lilac, light blue and pure white.

Even though their overall designs were quite different on the catwalk, both firms have a sustainable and responsible approach to fashion and maintain a "strong commitment" to transparency in all stages of production.

Following the event's ecological principles, another 15 brands will display their creations throughout the week, including Aurora, Think Blue and Grama, whose fashion lines range from party clothing designed with organic silk to a collection made with recycled jeans.

With the slogan "Innovation and Diversity," this year's second edition of Brasil Eco Fashion Week is being presented as an event "contrary to the stereotype that fashion is just for the few," according to one of its creators, Fernanda Simon.

"We believe in the importance of presenting technological innovations because we're at a time of economic changes that directly affect different sectors, including fashion," she says.

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