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Spain, Ecuador cooperate on counter-terrorism


Ecuador has been receiving aid and advice from Spain on combating terrorism, Ecuadorian Defense Minister Oswaldo Jarrin told reporters here Wednesday.

The retired general said that military officers from Ecuador underwent training in Spain and returned to the Andean nation to share with their colleagues what they learned about ways to "modify, improve and update" counter-terrorism doctrine.

Jarrin said that Spain is also assisting Ecuador in the creation of a permanent crisis-response center.

The focus of Ecuador's counter-terrorism program is on preventing acts of terrorism, the defense minister said.

Counter-terrorism cooperation between Quito and Madrid became a priority after the kidnapping and murder of three Ecuadorian journalists along the Colombian border by renegade Colombian ex-guerrillas more than seven months ago.

Earlier this year, four Ecuadorian soldiers were killed at the border and a married couple from Ecuador were abducted and slain.

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