Legendary bolero singer Lucho Gatica dies


The legendary singer of boleros Lucho Gatica, who was born in Chile and lived in Mexico for half a century, died on Tuesday, the artist's family said. He was 90.

"Bon voyage! I love you," his son, the Mexican actor Luis Gatica, posted on social media, together with a picture of a black ribbon.

Not announced as yet is what caused the death of this famous singer with a career spanning more than 70 years.

Born in Rancagua, Chile, on Aug. 11, 1928, Luis Enrique Gatica, known as Lucho Gatica, was a celebrity bolero singer and Chilean actor who moved to Mexico in 1957.

From his adopted country he won international fame for his boleros and ballads, and recorded 13 studio albums, the last one in 2013 entitled "Historia de un Amor" (Love Story).

"I'm not afraid of death, I'm very happy," the artist told EFE in an interview on the occasion of presenting his final disc.

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