Felipe VI urges closer relations with Peru: Together we are more and better


Spain's king said Tuesday that Spanish companies continue to strengthen their strong commitment to Peru considering the great expectations it creates for both economies, and urged the representatives of the two countries to weigh the importance of working together.

"Together we are more and better," Felipe VI said.

At the start of the second day of the royals' state visit to Peru, the king inaugurated, together with the host country's Prime Minister Cesar Villanueva, a business meeting that brought together 30 Spanish and 80 Peruvian companies to explore joint projects in such fields as agribusiness, water and sanitation, transport infrastructures, tourism and communication technologies.

In his speech, the monarch reaffirmed the "commitment to permanence" of Spanish companies in Peru, a country "prepared to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by globalization and to confront the challenges of the planet."

Spain and Peru are currently among the economies with the "highest growth rates" in the EU and Latin America, respectively, and have reached "a high degree of macroeconomic stability capable of continuing over time," the reason they offer companies "dynamic" and "attractive" markets for their investments and commercial activities, he said.

After noting that the work done by the Peruvian administration "is bearing very promising fruit in terms of strong export growth" and the "growing diversification" of its economy, the king guaranteed that Spanish companies "will make important contributions to Peru's international competitiveness."

"The collaboration and cooperation between both our countries can only make us that much greater," Felipe VI said, before appealing to Spanish and Peruvian authorities and company directors to "keep moving decisively forward toward the goal of realizing our potential to the degree that we are complementary and have common interests, affinity and friendship."

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