Venerable Dominican, Spanish universities to collaborate


The Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), the oldest such institution in the Americas, and Spain's 800-year-old University of Salamanca, sealed here Monday an agreement to develop a dual-degree doctoral program in public administration.

The agreement - signed by UASD president Emma Polanco and her USAL counterpart, Ricardo Rivero - mandates that students will have four years to prepare their doctoral theses and for that time to be divided between the two institutions.

This agreement will make it easier for Dominican public management professionals to obtain double doctorate degrees from UASD and USAL and for "their skills and experiences to contribute to the improvement of public entities and the efficiency of society," Rivero told EFE after the signing.

The pact is part of the activities being undertaken by USAL on the occasion of its octocentennial and the 480th aniversary of the founding of UASD.

Rivero highlighted the "great prestige" achieved in recent years by UASD and USAL.

Meanwhile, Polanco, who this year became the first woman to assume the presidency of USAD, said she was pleased with the "historic" agreement.

After the ceremony, Rivero gave a lecture in which he provided a brief review of the history of USAL and USAD and defended the need for more graduates with doctoral degrees.

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