Maradona's Dorados play to 1-1 tie with San Luis in Mexican soccer action


The Sinaloa Dorados coached by Diego Armando Maradona saw their five-game winning streak broken in their 1-1 match on the weekend against San Luis and now they will go up against the No. 2 squad - the Zacatecas Mineros - in Mexico's Second Division quarterfinals.

On Saturday, at the close of the regular season, Argentina's Nicolas Ibañez scored for San Luis in the 35th minute, while his countryman - Jorge Cordoba - evened things up for Sinaloa in the 53rd minute.

Less than one minute into the match, the electric power was lost in the stadium, forcing a 19-minute delay of the game until the problem was corrected.

When things got under way, most of the action took place at midfield until Ibañez got off a left-footer in the area against goaltender Gaspar Servio to give the visitors a temporary advantage.

Little by little, however, Maradona's team got their game going and controlled the ball, probing the San Luis defense until in the 53rd minute, Cordoba was able to get through the cordon and sink the equalizer.

Three minutes later, San Luis midfielder Jorge Sanchez was downed in the area but the referee did not call a penalty.

Cordoba was booted in the 72nd minute when he received his second yellow card, but that didn't seem to faze his team and they did not give up on the attack.

In the 79th minute, Diego Barbosa got into the area and fired a telling shot, but the goaltender managed to grab the ball.

Maradona coached eight regular season matches, winning six of them, along with notching a loss and a draw, and now he is the center of attention in the Second Division because his team has emerged as one of the teams to beat, although it is ranked seventh in the playoffs.

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