Bolsonaro vows to act on budget deficit, pension reform, security


Brazil's far-right President-elect Jair Bolsonaro agreed Wednesday to work with the president of the Supreme Court, Jose Antonio Dias Toffoli, to create a "pact" on the budget deficit, pension reform and citizen security.

"We must solve the budget problem as soon as possible," Bolsonaro said after meeting with Dias Toffoli in Brasilia, adding that "the issue of pensions and that which affects Brazilians every day, namely citizen security," also had to be addressed.

Dias Toffoli said he had proposed a "republican pact" to Bolsonaro, which would involve the president, congress and the judiciary in discussions to solve these "challenges."

According to the Supreme Court justice, a pension reform is needed to balance the budget, which would allow Brazil to increase investments in other areas, including security.

Bolsonaro said he was aware of his "responsibility," adding that although he respected the separation of powers, he believed it is necessary "to work together," because "one person cannot save the country by himself."

According to the president elect, "a union between authorities and the people" had to be sought out "to attain the position on the world stage that Brazil deserves."

Bolsonaro agreed on the "pact" proposed by Dias Toffoli and committed himself to "perfect the idea" after Jan. 1, when he will be sworn in as president, replacing Michel Temer .

Bolsonaro, who won October's presidential elections, arrived Tuesday in Brasilia to meet with congressional leaders and top officials from the armed forces.

On Wednesday, the president elect is expected to meet with Temer in the Planalto Palace, the official workplace of the Brazilian president, where Bolsonaro will serve until 2022.

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